Manuscript illumination by type

border decoration
column miniature
decorated page
drawing (coloured)
drawing (margin)
drawing (unframed)
full-page drawing
full-page miniature
full-page miniature (containing text)
full-page miniature (grisaille)
full-page miniature (including border)
full-page miniature (the opening)
full-page miniature with border decoration
historiated initial
historiated initial (drawing)
historiated initial (drawing, coloured)
historiated initial (grisaille)
historiated initial margin historiated initial (pen-drawing)
historiated initial (penwork)
historiated initial (woodcut, coloured)
margin (drawing)
margin (grisaille)
miniature miniature (grisaille)
miniature historiated initial
miniature (unframed)
miniature with inscribed initial
roundel in margin (grisaille)
schematic drawing
schematic drawing (coloured)
two-column miniature

The coronation of Mary by God the Father

The Nativity: the Christ-child in the manger, Mary lies in bed, St. Joseph sleeps

The Lamb of God (Agnus Dei); the symbols of the four Evangelists

Herba peristereon

Pig (Boar?)

Two knights swear loyalty to Wilhelm von Orlens and to his mother Elye

Zodiacal man

The Crucifixion, with Mary, St. John, the two malefactors, Stephaton offering Christ vinegar on a sponge attached to a lance, and a crowd of soldiers

January: a two-faced man dining

Siege of Jerusalem

The Evangelist St. Luke writing, with his symbol the ox

The coronation of Mary by an angel before Christ enthroned in heaven

The prophet Malachi holding a scroll

August: two men threshing

Annunciation: God the Father sends Gabriel to announce Christ's birth to Mary