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Searching a database you are not familiar with can be a little intimidating at first, and some help is usually welcome. The purpose of this page, therefore, is to offer help to all newcomers, and particularly to trial users of Arkyves.
Arkyves is a rich source with extensive search functionalities, but you should not get the feeling it is a labyrinth. The editors are therefore available to answer your questions, but, more importantly, to assist you in formulating your own.
You can use the random list of queries below to get started. And if you have queries of your own, do let us know. Just send an email to the editors at:
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Man in centre of labyrinth

Französischer Garten mit Rasenfläche in Irrgartenform

Vries, Hans Vredeman de [Maler]

Men sitting on either side of a man at a dais with one hand raised.

Het Kretische labyrint ()

prentmaker: Cock, Hieronymus

A scholar is pointing at a tree, damaged by a storm; in the background a man and woman are looking at the stars

A teacher teaching a pupil to write 'ABBA'

In a chaotic classroom a donkey is reading a sheet of music while the teacher is about to spank the bare bottom of a pupil

Two boys looking at women churning and smelling the butter

Het toilet van Bathseba

schilder: Cornelisz. van Haarlem, Cornelis

Der Gambenspieler

Altdorfer, Albrecht [Inventor]

Socrates dicteert zijn testament

vermeld op object naar eigen ontwerp van: Abel, Josef

Judith met het hoofd van Holofernes

vermeld op object prentmaker: Bosch, Cornelis

Portret van een kind gezeten op een kussen


Bedelaar met kind en houten been ()

vermeld op object prentmaker: Quast, Pieter Jansz.

Onthoofding Johannes de Doper


L'assiette au beurre

Leda en de zwaan

vermeld op object prentmaker: Bosch, Cornelis

Grus (crane)

Bacchante, allegorie op de Overvloed

Mijn, Herman van der

L'assiette au beurre

God de Vader schept de aarde

Breughel, Jan (II)

'De bleekzuchtige dame'

schilder: Hoogstraten, Samuel van

Bacchus, with horns on his head, sitting under vines holding a drum

L'assiette au beurre

dpd_0280: Unicorn holding coat of arms with 'Hausmarke' and the initials "I.K."

Das Rhinoceros (Rhinocerus)

Dürer, Albrecht [Verleger]

Süleyman, Sultan des Osmanischen Reichs, im Hintergrund die Süleymaniye-Moschee (Süleymaniye Camii)

Lorichs (Lorck), Melchior [Stecher]

Lucretia steekt mes in haar borst

naar eigen ontwerp van: Brosamer, Hans

Canard sauvage. 1.annee, n.1(21-28 mars 1903)-n.31(18-24 oct.1903)

Man with winged lance above tortoise

De geldwisselaars

Reymerswale, Marinus van

Alchemist ()

prentmaker: Borcht, Pieter van der (I)